New setup, new gear, new stuff!

Been away from all of this for a few weeks now – lots going on with work, daughter starting school, and games like Danganronpa V3 taking up my time. I’ve received a few messages here, not had a chance to reply but will do soon.

I’ve managed to tidy up my mess of a living room setup. Looking pretty sweet now:

I also received this little thing too! I may have a SNES/SFC obsession:

Not really had chance to mess around with it much, but it seems pretty damn good. I’ve tested it against my real SFC on my JVC CRT and OSSC. Also had a quick look against Retroarch Windows and I have to say it is significantly more responsive than Retroarch (not a surprise) and not far off the OSSC in terms of input delay (and of course, the OSSC has none, I’m just referring to my TV’s effect on it). For the mass market it’s the best option for these classics by far.

I’m not going to go into much detail as digital foundry et al have already done so, but I’ll post some comparisons later.

I’ll also do some direct feed audio comparisons with the SNES Mini against my optical audio output modded SFC.

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