Backlit Game Boy Color!

Not going to go into a huge amount of detail here, but those who follow the Game Boy modding scene should be aware by now that building a backlit Game Boy Color has been possible for a while. BennVenn, responsible for the El Cheapo SD flashcart and Joey cart flasher, recently developed an adapter cable that allows the use of third party backlit GBA screens in the console. You can find the adapter for sale here.

The mod requires a lot of cutting to get the screen to fit (it takes the entire width of the console) and epoxy or similar to seal the top half – but that’s made easy by the fact that Bennvenn sells ready-to-go GBC shells on his store. Made the mod incredibly easy to do – place the screen into the shell, plug in the adapter, place the GBC buttons, membranes and board and then plug the adapter in, soldering one wire to the clock. The most time consuming part was actually having to file the power switch to half the height – and I did that absent mindedly whilst watching TV. I sealed the top with clear epoxy and clamped it for a few hours to set (transparent, impossible to see and holds firm).

Anyhow, finished console, put together with a custom glass lens:

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